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Tesla executives revealed new features and information about the Cybertruck, highlighting its durability, off-road capabilities, and customizable features, with a focus on inductive charging and wide market appeal Questions to inspire discussion What new features were revealed about the Cybertruck? —The Cybertruck can act like a boat, withstand hail, and has wireless charging. What is Tesla working on for their cars? —Tesla is working on inductive charging for their cars, which will provide the best user experience for charging. What are the benefits of the Cybertruck's steel and glass? —The steel and glass are resistant to damage from hail and...

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In this very special episode of Jay Leno's Garage, Jay is once again joined by Tesla's Head of Design, Franz von Holzhausen who along with Tesla's Vice President of Vehicle Engineering, Lars Moravy, bring with them this very special 2024 Tesla Cybertruck Foundation Series, aka, the CYBERBEAST!

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