Alex Hermozi Opens Your Eyes with Ultimate Productivity Hack

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Alex Hermozi Opens Your Eyes with Ultimate Productivity Hack

The key idea of the video is that starting tasks immediately, working hard, and finding fulfillment in challenging tasks can lead to increased productivity, happiness, and a fulfilling life.  


  • 💡Starting is the perfect condition for work, as the moment you begin working is when your output per unit of time goes up.
  • 🕐The speaker has compressed the time between thinking about starting a task and actually starting it, resulting in increased productivity.
  • 💪The key to success is putting in the work, as cutting corners or trying to dress it up will only result in being reminded that the work needs to be done.
  • 🏃‍♂️"Shortcuts further shortcut the path to the work that needs to get done." - Alex Hermozi highlights the idea that shortcuts can actually hinder progress and productivity.
  • 😎"I will do what is required and this work needs doing and there's just no way around it." - A mindset of taking responsibility and facing the challenges head-on can lead to success.
  • 😌"I've never regretted working harder ever not once."
  • 🕰️The key to being addicted to work is engaging in activities that are worth doing and embracing the uncertainty of whether they will succeed or not.


How do servers in restaurants remember orders without writing them down?
  • —Servers in restaurants have a remarkable ability to remember and recall customers' orders without the need for pen and paper.
Does finishing a sentence before taking a break help retain information?
  • —Yes, finishing a sentence before taking a break helps retain information and reduces the effort needed to continue the next day.
Are there any shortcuts for getting work done?
  • —No, there are no shortcuts for getting work done. The idea that shortcuts are not for you can help streamline the path to completing tasks.
How many hours of productive work did the speaker consistently put in per day?
  • —The speaker consistently put in 16-17 hours of productive work per day, including working triple shifts.
How can work be seen as enjoyable and fulfilling?
  • —Work can be seen as enjoyable and fulfilling when successful people define it differently and find enjoyment in challenging tasks, making it easy to be addicted to work and ensuring a fulfilling life.


Chris Williamson is an English podcaster, YouTuber and former television personality. He appeared on the first series of Love Island in 2015. Since 2018 he has hosted the Modern Wisdom podcast, which has been downloaded more than 80 million times.
Alex Hormozi is an American entrepreneur. He started as a management consultant in the public sector then left that career to pursue a career in fitness starting his first gym at age 23.
He scaled his small gym chain from 0 to 6 locations in three years.


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