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Tesla's Optimus Bot is close to production and has the potential to tap into trillions of dollars, but the release may be delayed to ensure long-term viability    Questions to inspire discussion  Is the Optimus Bot ready for shipment? —Yes, the physical design is sufficient and ready to ship, with the focus now on sourcing or tooling all the components for the robot. What is the timeline for the release of the Optimus Bot? —The production could start within three to six months, with the possibility of using existing equipment from the automotive line. What is the main hang-up for...

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I admit to being way off on 2024 capacity. Brian White has helped me see the light. Now it makes more sense that Larry Goldberg is thinking 2.4m shipments is a possibility in 2024. Follow Brian White on X - @4kpodcast on YouTube MyTeslaWeekend

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