Why Free Speech is the Antidote to Ignorance and Corruption | Cambridge | EP 240

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Why Free Speech is the Antidote to Ignorance and Corruption | Cambridge | EP 240

Recorded at Caius College on November 22, 2021. Dr Peterson recently traveled to the UK for a series of lectures at the highly esteemed Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. This was the first of said lectures. After some remarks on Cambridge’s beauty and rich history, Dr Peterson examines the significance and history of clinical psychology. Drawing from the likes of Carl Rogers, Freud, Maslow, and Jung, this lecture investigates free speech, the value of structure, ways to approach mental illness, Jordan’s clinical experience, active listening, relationships, and the golden rule for conflict management. // SHOWNOTES // [0:00] Intro [1:30] Start of speech [3:10] Dr. Peterson reflects on the beauty and integrity of the University of Cambridge and the effort by Dr. Orr to make the talk about free speech possible [4:20] How studying clinicians Carl Jung, Carl Rogers, Maslow, and others helped Dr. Peterson both professionally and personally [6:20] Dr. Peterson stresses the importance of being an active speaker as well as an active listener, and explains how Freud “let people reveal themselves to themselves” [12:30] Dr. Peterson’s approach as a formally-trained cognitive-behavioral psychologist and conflict resolution advice for people who are in an intimate relationship [16:10] Dr. Peterson describes Carl Roger’s technique as it relates to conflict management [23:00] The importance of having an overarching structure that unites a family for peace and harmony within a household [26:00] Dr. Peterson explains why “free speech is not the freedom or right among many” //SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL // Newsletter: https://linktr.ee/DrJordanBPeterson Donations: https://jordanbpeterson.com/donate // COURSES // Discovering Personality: https://jordanbpeterson.com/personality Self Authoring Suite: https://selfauthoring.com Understand Myself (personality test): https://understandmyself.com // BOOKS // Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life: https://jordanbpeterson.com/Beyond-Order 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos: https://jordanbpeterson.com/12-rules-for-life Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief: https://jordanbpeterson.com/maps-of-meaning // LINKS // Website: https://jordanbpeterson.com Events: https://jordanbpeterson.com/events Blog: https://jordanbpeterson.com/blog Podcast: https://jordanbpeterson.com/podcast // SOCIAL // Twitter: https://twitter.com/jordanbpeterson Instagram: https://instagram.com/jordan.b.peterson Facebook: https://facebook.com/drjordanpeterson https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Twc6T19tap4 0:26:56 2023-06-26T10:19:57Z


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