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The Digital Multiverse: A Conversation with David Auerbach (Episode #319)

The Digital Multiverse: A Conversation with David Auerbach (Episode #319)

Sam Harris speaks with David Auerbach about the problematic structure of online networks. They discuss the tradeoffs between liberty and cooperation, the impossibility of fighting misinformation, bottom-up vs top-down influences, recent developments in AI, deepfakes, the instability of skepticism, the future of social media, the weaknesses of LLMs, breaking up digital bubbles, online identity and privacy, and other topics. David B. Auerbach is a writer, technologist, and software engineer. He previously worked as a software engineer at Google and Microsoft for many years before turning to writing. He has written on technology, literature, and philosophy for many publications and is the author of MEGANETS: How Digital Forces Beyond Our Control Commandeer Our Lives and Inner Realities and BITWISE: A Life in Code. Website: Twitter: @AuerbachKeller May 15, 2023 SUBSCRIBE to gain access to all full-length episodes of the podcast at OR become a channel member to access episodes on YouTube. Subscribe to the YT channel: Follow Making Sense on Twitter: Follow Sam on Facebook: Follow Sam on Instagram: For more information about Sam Harris: 0:36:40 2023-06-22T22:19:57Z


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