Nietzsche on Nihilism & the Steps to Overcome It (What is Nihilism?)

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Nietzsche on Nihilism & the Steps to Overcome It (What is Nihilism?)

The feeling of nihilism, specifically existential nihilism, is something many of us have experienced during our life. Existential nihilism is the idea that life has no intrinsic meaning or value to it. Existence, including all action, feeling, and suffering, is ultimately senseless, completely without purpose. On the journey to understanding how to overcome nihilism, if it’s even possible, one ought to examine the philosophy of Friederich Nietzche. Nietzche was the first thinker to write about nihilism seriously, dedicated much of his life to understanding the concept, thinking about how to overcome it, and studying the human condition as a whole. This video will first go over what, specifically, Nietzche thought nihilism was, the steps he believed one should overcome, how to know for sure one has successfully overcome nihilism, and my thoughts on whether his ideas are still relevant for today. Note that what follows is just one interpretation of his work. == Subscribe for more videos like this on YouTube and turn on the notification bell to get more videos: == Painting of Nietzsche by John Ambrose 0:9:37 2023-06-25T13:57:21Z


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