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At Microsoft Ignite 2022 we explore how organizations can activate AI and automation directly in their business workflows and empower developers to use those same intelligent building blocks to deliver their own differentiated experiences. The global pandemic has created unprecedented levels of uncertainty, as well as the need to sense and reshape our physical and digital environments, sometimes in completely new ways. Leaders across industries recognize innovation as the only path forward. Critically, we’ve seen a shift from “innovation for innovation’s sake” toward a desire to lower operating costs, anticipate trends, reduce carbon footprints, and improve customer and employee experiences. We’re calling...

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Understand and assemble content at scale, discover and reuse your content in intelligent ways, and as an admin, analyze and protect content. Microsoft Syntex content AI services integrate with your digital estate in Microsoft 365 and offer new pay-as-you-go experiences. Product Management CVP for Microsoft 365, Omar Shahine, joins Jeremy Chapman to demonstrate what’s available now and what’s coming soon. ► QUICK LINKS: 00:00 - Introduction 00:44 - Origins of Syntex 01:47 - IT capabilities 02:29 - Demo: Understand and assemble content 04:44 - Demo: New content creation 07:51 - Content AI 08:26 - Admin roles 11:26 - How to...

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