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The Conflation of Sex and Gender: A Call for Biological Realism in Canadian Law and Policy

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The Conflation of Sex and Gender: A Call for Biological Realism in Canadian Law and Policy

As we navigate through the complex labyrinth of sex and gender, it is important to clarify and differentiate between these two concepts.

Sex, a biological reality, is rooted in human genetics, determining whether one is male or female based on physical characteristics and reproductive roles.

On the other hand, gender is a construct of the mind, a self-perception and expression that may not align with one's biological sex. 

While the freedom from sexual discrimination, which is necessarily biologically based, can be universally implemented, the case for gender identity and expression, as mental conceptualizations, is more complex.

Use biological sex for legislation and policy

When we seek to implement these concepts in societies that promote personal autonomy and free will, we run the risk of a tyranny of diverse imaginings rather than grounding policies and laws in the real-world reality of biological sexes. 

The original goals of feminism, along with lesbian and gay rights movements, were fundamentally anchored in biological sex.

They sought to dismantle discriminatory practices that disadvantaged individuals based on their biological sex.

As such, it is worth re-evaluating whether considerations of gender identity should dictate matters of Canadian law and policy. 

Gender and Sport

This discourse gains further significance when considering gender and sport.

Historically, sports have been divided along lines of biological sex due to inherent genetic advantages.

Males generally possess physical characteristics such as muscle mass and bone density that provide them with a competitive advantage over females.

This is not a question of superiority but a biological fact that impacts performance levels.

As such, inclusion of transgender women in female sports categories has raised complex questions of fairness and equity. 

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Gender and Children

A further concern is the impact of gender discourse on children.

Many have questioned the appropriateness of introducing concepts of transitioning and gender identity at a young age.

Instances of irreversible physical changes and ensuing family discord underscore the gravity of these decisions.

Without a comprehensive understanding of the consequences, children may find themselves at the centre of a contentious debate with life-altering implications. 

Dr. John Money: Gender Identity Architect 

The very foundation of gender identity traces back to Dr. John Money and his controversial experiment involving David Reimer, a twin boy raised as a girl following a botched circumcision.

Dr. Money posited that gender was primarily learned, not innate.

However, David struggled with his female identity and reverted to male in adolescence.

Despite the experiment's failure, it laid the groundwork for the gender identity construct, raising pertinent questions about its validity. 

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 Gender based tyranny

The implementation of gender-based policies or laws risks causing irreversible harm to the majority of the population who view sexual rights and equality as settled law in Canada, a victory hard-won by 20th-century feminist and gay rights activists.

The potential for confusion, division, and discord in society is substantial.


The issues surrounding sex and gender are multi-faceted and complex.

As we strive for inclusivity and respect for all individuals, it is crucial to distinguish between biological realities and mental constructs.

While gender identity is a personal matter of individual expression, it is not suitable as a foundation for legal or policy decisions.

The law of the land should reflect our biological reality, thus ensuring fairness, clarity, and justice for all.

We must reaffirm the importance of biological sex in legal and policy matters, while respecting the realm of gender as a personal aspect of individuality and expression.


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