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Where We Go From Here with OpenAI's Mira Murati

Where We Go From Here with OpenAI's Mira Murati

As CTO of OpenAI, Mira Murati oversaw the development and release of GPT-4 and ChatGPT. Here she tells Martin Casado the story behind the release of ChatGPT—and what it tells us about the future of AI and human-machine interactions. [0:00] Mira's background [4:32] Math, physics, and AI [7:07] Natural language interfaces [10:28] OpenAI Roadmap [17:24] Scaling Laws [20:25] One model to rule them all? [23:11] The next 5-10 years This conversation is part of our AI Revolution series, recorded August 2023 at a live event in San Francisco. The series features some of the most impactful builders in the field of AI discussing and debating where we are, where we’re going, and the big open questions in AI. Find more content from our AI Revolution series on 2023-10-07T13:18:30Z1280


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