Systems Thinking Ep. 1: Lists & Models (Learn to think like a genius)

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Systems Thinking Ep. 1: Lists & Models (Learn to think like a genius)

The key idea of the video is that systems thinking, which involves developing cognitive skills and using structured lists or hierarchies, can help solve problems and improve systems in various fields. 


Key insights

  • 💡 Systems thinking enables individuals to solve novel problems, gain unique understanding, and have the power to change the world through their mental abilities.
  • 🧠 Intelligence is dynamic and changes over time, influenced by factors such as tiredness, diet, and stress, challenging the notion that intelligence is fixed.
  • 💡 The book "Checklist Manifesto" can completely change your perspective on what a list is and how it can be utilized effectively.
  • 📝 Lists can be used to solve problems by listing out everything known about the problem, allowing for a comprehensive analysis and potential solutions.
  • 💡 Science is essentially about coming up with explanations for cause and effect relationships, making it easier to establish patterns and test them through reasoning.
  • 🌳 Linnaeus's taxonomic system revolutionized our understanding of the relationship between animals and plants, breaking down the tree of life into a tiered system of classification.
  • 💻 The OSI model is a layered system that helps in designing and troubleshooting computer networks, with each layer serving a specific purpose.
  • 💡 Taxonomies, hierarchies, and layered models can be used to organize and understand complex systems, such as cognitive architecture, memory, recall, morality, objective functions, cognitive control, problem solving, and executive function.


Questions to inspire discussion

  • Who can change the world through systems thinking?
    Anyone can change the world through systems thinking, regardless of their level of intelligence or cognitive abilities.

  • Can IQ change over time?

    Yes, IQ is not a fixed measure of intelligence and can change over time due to various factors.

  • How can intelligence be improved?

    Intelligence can be improved through accumulated knowledge and practice, allowing individuals to change and grow their intelligence over time.

  • How can lists be used to solve problems?

    Lists can be used to organize concepts and solve problems effectively, helping to distill information and gain understanding.

  • How can systems thinking be applied in cybersecurity?

    Systems thinking can be applied in cybersecurity by using structured lists or hierarchies to organize tasks, procedures, and conceptual models in the field.


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