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Sam Altman's World Tour, in 16 Moments

Sam Altman's World Tour, in 16 Moments

Missed by much of the media, Sam Altman (and co) have revealed at least 16 surprising things over his World Tour. From AI's designing AIs to 'unstoppable opensource', the 'customisation' leak (with a new 16k ChatGPT and 'steerable GPT 4), AI and religion, and possible regrets over having 'pushed the button'. I'll bring in all of this and eleven other insights, together with a new and highly relevant paper just released this week on 'dual-use'. Whether you are interested in 'solving climate change by telling AIs to do it', 'staring extinction in the face' or just a deepfake Altman, this video touches on it all, ending with comments from Brockman in Seoul. I watched over ten hours of interviews to bring you this footage from Jordan, India, Abu Dhabi, UK, South Korea, Germany, Poland, Israel and more Altman Abu Dhabi, HUB71, 'change it's architecture': Israel, TAUVOD, 'AIs Creating AIs': Poland, Ideas NCBR, 'opensource + 10 years away': Dual-use Biotech: Jordan Xpand, 'pushed a button': India Economic Times, 'railgun': Guardian Altman Interview: Germany Conversation: Leaked Layout: OpenAI in Seoul, SoftBank Ventures Asia: India, Digital India, 'hallucinations in 18 months': 2023-06-19T23:01:33Z1280


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