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OPEN AI'S HUGE AI Breakthroughs Just Changed Everything! (GPTS & GPT-4 Turbo)

OPEN AI'S HUGE AI Breakthroughs Just Changed Everything! (GPTS & GPT-4 Turbo)

GPT-4-Turbo, as announced at OpenAI's first developer conference, is a significant upgrade to the already powerful GPT-4 model. It addresses key developer feedback with six major improvements. Firstly, it supports a context length of up to 128,000 tokens, which is about 300 pages of a standard book, providing much greater accuracy over long contexts. Secondly, it offers more control over model responses with features like JSON mode for valid JSON responses and reproducible outputs with a seed parameter. Thirdly, it has updated world knowledge up to April 2023, with continuous improvements planned. Fourthly, it introduces new modalities, including Dolly 3 and text-to-speech capabilities. Fifthly, it allows for model customization through fine-tuning and a new program called custom models. Lastly, it offers higher rate limits and introduces Copyright Shield to protect customers from legal claims. Additionally, GPT-4-Turbo is significantly cheaper than its predecessor, aiming to be three times less expensive for prompt tokens and two times less for completion tokens, making it more accessible for developers. #chatgpt #openai #gpt4 #gpt4turbo #openaiturbo #gptturbo #chatgptturbo 2023-11-09T14:39:26Z1280


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