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"MemGPT" Masterclass

"MemGPT" Masterclass

⏰ Timestamp ⏰ 00:00 Intro 00:25 MemGPT Codebase Overview 04:05 MemGPT Discord BOT 09:28 MemGPT CLI Setup 11:11 MemGPT Advanced - Chat with Docs 13:18 Running MemGPT with Local LLM (w/o OpenAI) 🚀Connect with MemGPT Team!!! 🚀 👾 Discord server: MemGPT repo: Charles' twitter: Vivian's twitter: ❤️ If you want to support the channel ❤️ Support here: Patreon - Ko-Fi - 🧭 Follow me on 🧭 Twitter - Linkedin - 2023-10-31T10:21:16Z1280


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