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How Access GPT-4 Vision & DALL·E 3 [See 17 Mind-Blowing Examples]

How Access GPT-4 Vision & DALL·E 3 [See 17 Mind-Blowing Examples]

Clone your voice in 60 Seconds With THIS AI Tool: ✔️ Instant Voice Cloning: Create a cloned voice with just a minimum of 1 minute of audio. ✔️ Cross-Language Voice Cloning: Train the AI model in any language and effortlessly convert it to English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, or French using an advanced text-to-speech feature. ✔️ Voice Templates: This feature allows you to apply the cloned voice for singing. Thanks to MyVocal Ai for sponsoring this video. Our sponsors help us grow the channel and make better videos for you. Thanks for your support! 00:00 - Intro 00:08 - Describe and edit the photo 00:41 - Design to code 01:01 - Explaining human cell 01:28 - Full-on product photography 01:58 - Image to website 02:20 - Recognizing movie references 02:33 - MyVocal Sponsored 03:46 - Understanding complex Military documents 04:17 - Making automation 04:30 - Making recipes from images, counting calories also 05:02 - Understanding difficult parking signs 05:15 - Solving math problems 05:37 - Recognizing locations 05:57 - Vision for SAAS 06:27 - Understanding abstract concepts 06:57 - From whiteboard to website 07:36 - Understanding electronics 08:01 - Vision for interior design 08:28 - Reading bad handwriting 08:48 - Finding Waldo SOCIALS ↓ Patreon - Get Exclusive Content: Get 1-on-1 AI Consulting: Follow me on Twitter: My AI Video Newsletter: Worlds #1 AI Discord Server: Follow on Tiktok: Follow on Instagram: Follow on Facebook: Follow on YouTube Shorts: Email for Business Inquiries: Welcome to the future of AI technology with GPT-4 Vision! In this video, we're diving deep into the groundbreaking advancements and capabilities of GPT-4, the latest iteration of the world-renowned AI model. Discover how GPT-4 Vision is poised to transform industries and shape the future. 2023-10-11T00:24:13Z1280


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