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Generating Images from Text with OpenAI's Dall-E using Power Apps via Custom Connector

Generating Images from Text with OpenAI's Dall-E using Power Apps via Custom Connector

Discover how to generate images from text using OpenAI's Dall-E within Power Apps through a custom connector. This comprehensive tutorial walks you from initial setup to final execution, empowering you to integrate Dall-E's capabilities seamlessly into your Power Apps projects. Whether you're a beginner or seasoned Power Apps user, this guide ensures you can effortlessly leverage the power of Dall-E with the help of a custom connector. Welcome to Power Platform and AI Series of Videos. During this video we will use Open AI's Dall E model to generate images from Text. We will consume this model using a custom connector in Power Platform and use in Power Apps. The idea here is, in Power Apps, the user can prompt for the Images and behind the scenes Open AI's Dall E API calls and generate the Images for us. Here I've explained everything from start to end Generate Images from Text using Open AI Dall E Model with Power Apps. It's complete step-by-step tutorial. Chapters: 00:00 Start 01:08 Open Open AI 02:00 Dalle E Model for Image Generation 02:10 Dalle E Preview App 03:00 Post Call and End Point for Dalle Image mode 03:56 Generate Authorisation Key for Open AI 05:24 Payment Option 05:42 Open AI Pricing 06:36 Create Custom Connector 06:46 Create Custom Connector Power Platform using Dalle 3 Model 07:12 Overview - Custom Connector 08:00 Security - Custom Connector 08:46 Definition 09:15 API End Points 10:19 Create Connector 10:31 Create Key 11:22 Test Custom Connector 11:37 Pass Open AI Parameters 12:32 Copy Output 13:00 Import Response 13:53 Call Custom Connector 15:56 Full Formula 16:34 Prompt for Call E Model in Power Apps and check Result Reference Link: Open AI: F O L L O W M E O N S O C I A L M E D I A ================================================================================ Follow my other channel for short content: @DigitalDhruvin Follow me on Instagram: Looking for a Consultancy? Connect Here! Follow me on all social Media Handles: Join my Whatsapp Channel: #openai #dalle #powerplatform #customconnector #powerapps #powerplatform #poweraddicts #digitaldhruvin #dhruvinshah #chatgpt 2023-10-29T07:05:17Z1280


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