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Emotional Pressure: The New Prompting Technique

Emotional Pressure: The New Prompting Technique

Discover how adding a touch of emotion to prompts can supercharge AI performance. We delve into exciting research on how emotional prompts lead to better outcomes from advanced AI models like GPT-4. Simple changes, significant results—find out how the right emotional pressure makes AI more effective. Hit like if you find the content insightful, subscribe for more AI updates, and share your thoughts in the comments! #AI #EmotionalIntelligence #GPT4 #MachineLearning #TechInsights Let's Connect: ☕ Buy me a Coffee: |🔴 Support my work on Patreon: 🦾 Discord: 📧 Business Contact: 💼Consulting: Links: Paper: EmotionPrompt in RAG: Timestamps: [00:00] Intro [00:45] Emotion Prompt [03:33] When and how to use it. [07:30] Practical Use-case in LlamaIndex 2023-11-06T12:54:09Z1280


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