A Comparative Review of AI Art Tools: Lexica, Midjourney, and Bing

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A Comparative Review of AI Art Tools: Lexica, Midjourney, and Bing


In this age of digital creation, AI-based tools have become a vital part of our toolbox, allowing us to generate incredible works of art, designs, and animations.

As an avid user of such technologies, I recently embarked on a quest to create images of my beloved Miniature Pinscher, Pip Squeak, using the AI tools Lexica, Midjourney, and Bing.

For output comparison between the image generator tools, I maintained a consistent simple prompt across all three platforms: "a black and tan miniature pinscher with pointy ears wearing a superhero cape" 


Firstly, let's talk about Lexica, a relatively new player in the AI image generation field. With its offer of 1000 free fast generations per month, this tool is an attractive option for both hobbyists and professionals alike.



  • Impressive Quality and Composition: The overall quality of the generated images was impressive, with Lexica showing it's own unique art style right away.
  • Generous Free Usage: Lexica offers 1000 free fast generations per month, which is a great feature for those who regularly need to generate images but are budget-conscious.


  • Inaccuracies in Breed Representation: Despite its many strengths, Lexica fell short when it came to accurately depicting Pip Squeak's breed. The tool generated images with white markings and incorrect fur texture on the chest, even when a negative prompt for the colour white was used.


Next up is Midjourney, an AI tool that has gained considerable recognition for its distinctive art style and high-quality photographic images.



  • Accurate Breed Representation: Midjourney was more accurate than Lexica in portraying the anatomy of a Miniature Pinscher.
  • Greater Control: This tool offers more control over the design process, enabling users to tweak parameters to their liking.


  • Pricey Subscription: The downside to Midjourney is its price. At $30 a month for an upgraded account, it's a significant investment for regular users.
  • Limited Functionality Without Subscription: Using the tool without a subscription can be a bit of a hassle, limiting its accessibility.


Lastly, I used Bing's image generator, a free tool known for its accurate AI-generated images.



  • Breed Accuracy: Bing excelled in depicting accurate Miniature Pinscher markings and anatomy. The generated image was the closest representation of Pip Squeak among the three tools.
  • Free to Use: Bing’s image generator is free, making it a cost-effective option for users on a budget.


  • Generic Images: While Bing's images were accurate, they lacked the distinctive flair seen in Lexica and Midjourney's outputs. The generated options were essentially the same, lacking variety and uniqueness.


In conclusion, each image generator holds its own merit for different applications.  For professional artists and designers seeking a distinct style and greater control over their designs, Midjourney is a worthwhile investment.

For projects that require less detailed work, Lexica and Bing offer excellent free alternatives.

Ultimately, the choice of tool will depend on your specific needs and preferences. But one thing's for certain: with AI tools like these at our disposal, the creative possibilities are endless.


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