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 In this video I chat all about the TOP 10 AI Tools that you simply won’t believe exist!
Some of them are truly mind blowing (trust me) and AI is getting crazy with what it can do!

So get ready to be blown away by the insane possibilities and see how these futuristic technologies are reshaping our world!

1. Lexica.art

2. Descript
3. Mubert - Music generated by Mubert https://mubert.com/render
4. Uberduck.ai
5. Nvidia Canvas
6. Replicate.com
7. Lumalabs.ai
8. ChatGPT
9. Supermeme.ai
10. Kaiber.ai



Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming the world around us, offering a plethora of tools that can perform tasks ranging from creating art to cloning voices.

A recent YouTube video titled "Top 10 Most Unbelievable AI Tools" provides an in-depth look at some of these groundbreaking technologies.


1. Lexica: AI Art Generator

Lexica is an online AI art generator that can create unique artwork based on any description or prompt you provide.

Whether you want to see a tiny alligator swimming in a teacup or Elon Musk playing basketball, Lexicon can generate original art pieces in seconds.

You can also upload an image as a reference, and the AI will generate an artwork similar to it.

2. Descript: Voice Cloning AI

Descript allows you to create an AI clone of your voice. By recording a 10-minute clip of your voice and uploading it to Descript, the AI can clone

that sounds just like you. This tool can be used for various applications, such as creating voiceovers for videos or generating speech for virtual assistants.

3. Mubert: AI Music Generator

Mubert is an AI tool that can generate unique music tracks based on different genres or moods.

You can also enter a prompt, like "Drake rapping rap hip-hop r&b All That Jazz," and the AI will generate a unique track that has never been heard before.

4. Uberduck: AI Rap Generator

Uberduck.ai is a website that allows you to create AI-generated rap. You can type in your lyrics and choose from a variety of well-known rapper voices, including Drake and Eminem.

While this tool is just for fun and can't be used commercially, it's a fascinating example of how AI can mimic human voices.

5. Nvidia Canvas: AI Painting Tool

Nvidia Canvas is an application that allows you to paint realistic photos using AI. You can choose from various brushes, each with a description like Cloud, Hill, or Mountain, and start painting a realistic photo.

The AI takes your painting and turns it into something beautiful.

6. Replicate & Big Color: AI Photo Restoration and Colorization

Replicate.com is a website that uses AI to restore old photos. The AI analyzes the photo for any imperfections like faded areas or blemishes and restores it.

Big Color is another AI tool that can add color to your restored image, turning a grayscale photo into a vibrant, colored one.

7. Luma Labs: 3D Model Generator

Luma Labs uses AI to turn video recordings into 3D models. By uploading a video and giving it a title, the AI scans the video for information like colors, objects, and shapes, and creates a 3D model from it.

8. ChatGPT: AI Text Generator

ChatGPT is an AI text generator that can create human-like written articles. With the help of plugins like Summary and AIPRM, you can use ChatGPT to summarize YouTube videos or create articles based on specific prompts.

9. Super Meme: AI Meme Generator

Super Meme is a website that uses AI to generate memes. You can type in a prompt, and the AI will generate a variety of meme options.

You can also edit the text on the memes or generate funny GIFs.

10. Kyber: AI Video Generator

Kyber is a website that allows you to turn images into AI-generated videos. By uploading an image and providing a prompt, you can create an animation video in a style of your choice.


Video timestamps: 

0:00 Intro

0:21 Lexica Ai Art

1:49 Descript Ai Voice Clone

3:01 Mubert Ai Music

3:42 Uberduck Rap Vocals

4:53 Nvidia Canvas Ai Painting

5:50 Replicate Ai Enhance

6:33 Big Colour Image color

7:05 Lumalabs Ai third Dimension

8:24 Chat Gpt plugins

9:25 Supermeme Ai Meme

10:09 Kaiber Ai Video


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