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Falcon Class Stargate

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Stargates are floating and land facilities that allow the safe and secure operation of Starflights.

We offer refueling, refurbishment and Starflight operations support for any propulsive landing rockets and aerospacecraft."


The most successful examples of this type of vessel has been SpaceX Falcon drone ships.

Maximum Cargo Payload ( tonnes) 13,000

These are based upon MARMAC 300 series barges and have a have a maximum cargo capacity of over 13,000 tonnes.

This means this type of vessel could hold the weight of a Starship and Superheavy booster, it is not the ideal solution for a number of reasons that lead to the retrofit of two oil rigs.


 Still. this type of drone barge would represent the entry level for a platform that could be deployed in volume and at low cost, similar to the gravel runways we have now.