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Ethical AI Master Class

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  • $10,000.00


Stage 1 - Ethical AI Master Class

For Humankind to enter the Age of Trust, then it must first embrace the Age of Transparency.



We are pleased to announce an introductory Ethical AI master class and workshop for government (national or local),  and for private and public enterprise.

 This first step equips stakeholders to define, build and govern a transparent and trusted foundation for human-machine societies and industries.  

Upon this AI Constitution, stakeholders have the confidence to shepherd their future with ethical artificial intelligences. Our methodologies and systems of transparency and trust ensure the impeccable alignment of AI with any set of principles, morals, ethics, values and culture.

In essence, government and organizations can define Ethical AI on their terms, set their standard for the Age of Ethical AI,  and use  our powerful  tools  to transparently shepherd the ethical quality of ALL artificial intelligences existing within their borders.

NOTE:  National, Regional or Organizational AI Ethics guidelines or policies can be integrated within our Ethical AI methodologies.

This includes AI Governance & Best Practices for other AI forms such as Responsible AI and Trustworthy AI. 

Our unique systems approach enables comprehensive insight of the condition, quality and degree of compliance of any AI Ethic guideline, policy or best practice within any AI system.

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