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AI and AI Ethics Leadership Program

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  • $10,000.00



Are you ready to launch your organisation or territory into the world of Humans and Machines?

This immersive program equips executives with unique knowledge, insight, experience and plans to confidently lead their organisation or territory into the Age of AI.  

This Program is ideally suited for Leaders in:

✅ National and regional governments

✅ Corporations and Industry

✅ Innovation, Research and Development

✅ Smart City and Smart Region

✅ AI and AI Ethics Consultancies

✅ Public Sectors, Non-Profits and NGOs

✅ Policy, Law and Regulation

✅ Serial Entrepreneurs

The program has been specifically designed with a series of Master Classes to equip all types of stakeholders, regardless of their AI or AI Ethics expertise, to successfully lead their organisation into Age of AI.  

We have packed this executive program with premium value to provide cohort members with an extraordinary experience.  Please do check  our world class faculty and education partners  at the bottom of the page. 

Taught online. Contact us for Hybrid and Onsite options or for a curated or personalized leadership course.  

Certified by AIEthics.World and The United States Artificial Intelligence Institute as an Extraordinary Leader in AI and AI Ethics.

Introductory and group discounts available!

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