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Atlantis Container Aquaport with Falcon Stargate and Sikorsky Sea Stallion Skyport

  • Sale
  • $20,000,000.00
  • Regular price $50,000,000.00


This facility is comprised of the following foundational features:

  • Zero Emissions
  • Autonomous Operations


There are these major features:

  1. Autonomous Container Ship
  2. Distribution Center 
  3. Resource Harvesting
  4. Digital Production
  5. Product Delivery
  6. Falcon class Stargate
  7. Sikorsky class Skyport


  • 10,000 TEU
  • Autonomous Material Handlers


  • 8 electric azimuth motors
  • High efficiency closed cycle natural gas (methane) CHP plant
  • 100 MWh battery pack


  • PV Energy Harvesters
  • Wind Energy Harvesters


  • Cargo onboarding and offloading
  • Resource Harvest and Distribution
  • Warehouse
  • Digital Factory Production
  • Product delivery

This model includes a Stargate that supports up to Falcon 9 class vehicles. 

  • Liquid Hydrogen (LH2)
  • Liquid Methane CH4
  • RP-1
  •  Liquid Oxygen (LOX)


  1. Support up to Sikorsky Sea Stallion class aircraft
  2. eVTOL  aircraft
  3. up to 20 Skyflights per hour